The New Nasty — Fri., Mar. 31st, 9pm–12:30am

The New Nasty

New Nasty9pm–12:30am

 The New Nasty “Habits” . . .

Tom Regine, Steve Medeiros and Vikki Regine welcome Bill Huling on vocals and guitar, and Frank Villani on drums and vocals to form The New Nasty.

Both New Nasties bring a wealth of rock and roll performance to the stage:

Bill Huling’s vocals have soared with bands such as Hostage, 7th Heaven, Action, and Mercy Bullets. He is a true voice chameleon and entertainer who can run the gamut of singers from Steve Perry and Mick Jagger, to Cee Lo Green. 

Frank Villani’s drum work has provided the rock solid foundation of bands such as Archives, Dr 3, and Plan Nine.

His raw passionate vocals elicit comparisons to rock legends such as Joe Cocker and Jim Morrison.

Of course, audiences remember that: Tom Regine seasoned with bands such as Strutt, The Brass Daddies, and Rockcandy, and has provided the heart pumping bass lines in Nasty Habits for years.

In addition to his whammy bar bass playing abilities, his voice tricks you into believing that the artist of choice is present—think Petty, Kiedis, Springsteen.    

Vikki Regines’ Berkelee trained keyboard skills and soulful vocals have powered bands such as Odyssey, Soup to Nuts, Hype, and the Nasty Habits band since 1993.

It’s hard not to appreciate her amazing keyboard talents. Her strong voice mimics artists ranging from Janis to Melissa and Adelle.

Steve Medeiros’ adventurous guitar playing has fueled audiences for years in Nasty Habits, as well as recording artists The Ellery Street Band and The Boys of Summer. 

The Marshall infused spirit of Carlos, Schon, Jimi, the Kings, and Gilmour lives on.  

The New Nasty songbook selection pays tribute to our friends and former band mates, but takes a different turn on the autobahn.

The “Journey” continues with additional music selections running from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Heart, and MJ, to the new Pink Floyd extravaganza.  

Join us at the Ganny and Experience The New Nasty. You will not be disappointed.

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See you on Friday, March 31st!