Blue Roots — Sun., Feb. 16th, 1–4pm

Blue Roots1–4pm

Blue Roots Band

Blue Roots is a high energy Rhythm & Blues band based out of Long Island. You will not find many bands that will engage an audience like this band can. Soloing Guitar, Sax, Harmonica and Keyboards backed by one of the tightest Rhythm sections in the New York area provide the soundtrack for a variety of Blues rooted music. Reminiscent of big bands of the past but driving with the power of contemporary blues, funk and soul, these extraordinary musicians will leave you with a memorable impression.

Unlike the common Top 40, Classic Rock, or tribute bands out there, these guys deliver a unique blend of tunes targeting their audience. Rather than giving a crowd the same songs they can hear from any DJ, Blue Roots engages their crowd with a soulful, energetic, tight, and passionate performance that turns their audience into instant fans. The music satisfies the casual listener, music lover and dancing enthusiasts, all alike. Blue Roots… When the Music Matters!

Give this great band a warm Ganny welcome for their February 16th performance.

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 See You On Sunday, February 16th!