CarTune Heroes — Fri., Nov. 9th, 9 p.m.–12:30 a.m.

CarTune Heroes9 p.m.–12:30 a.m.

CarTune Heroes

Do Not Miss Out!

Come and see this talented NEW/REINCARNATED band at the Narragansett Cafe. CarTune Heroes was brought to our atttention by one of our loyal patrons (who happens to be a dancing fool) who said we absolutely must get CarTune Heroes ‘in the house’!

Although they aren’t out on the streets fighting crime in superhero capes and tighty whities, CarTune Heroes is doing their part to help their fellow man—saving the live rock music scene, one classic at a ti . . . and in the process, helping the state of Rhode Island correctly spell the plural of “hero.”

“CarTune Heroes is a 5-piece, female-fronted band that has been performing all over Rhode Island for over 10 years. Recently nominated as one of RI’s best bands by the Providence Journal Readers’ Choice, we take pride in replicating the sounds of all your favorite hits from the past 40 years, with a special emphasis on vocal harmonies. Our roots are in classic rock but we have added many other tunes based on the diverse private events for which we have been hired (see our songlist at We are all seasoned players, so you can expect a high quality of musicianship, but we are mostly hired because we are FUN. We put in the work off the stage so we all can enjoy ourselves when we are on the stage.”

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See you on Friday, November 9th!