Evan Goodrow — Fri., Dec. 6th, 9 p.m.–12:30 a.m.

Evan Goodrow

Evan Goodrow (2) 1025159 p.m.–12:30 a.m.

Evan Goodrow

Evan Goodrow, Phil Antoniades, and John Cooke are three talented musicians who make up the Evan Goodrow Band. We are thrilled to have them perform again at the Narragansett Café.

Yes, they play Motown, jazz, blues, and popular dance tunes. But when the Evan Goodrow Band plays familiar melodies, they sound original, as if you’re hearing the songs for the first time — and they sound great.

Songwriter, vocalist, guitar player Evan Goodrow sprinkles his original material into the nightly playlist, and it is always well received. With Phil on percussion and John C. on Hammond B3 organ and bass, the delivery of every tune is nothing short of spectacular.

Be ready to dance, tap your foot, shake your head, or shake anything else you might want to shake because this band knows how to read a crowd and make a party happen.

These guys are hot off the boat from St Bart’s where they played with Jimmy Buffet!
Those of you who have seen this band agree —
True raw talent, GREAT musicians, giant amounts of energy, and a real passion for every note they play.

 Evan Goodrow Band is one you definitely DON’T want to miss.

They hail from Cambridge, MA and travel a lot so we don’t get to have them as often at the Ganny as we would like. So—JUST COME!

From the East Coast and the French Caribbean to Spain and Portugal, the EGB (Evan Goodrow Band) has played with most of their musical heroes, including B.B. King, Jimmy Buffet, Buddy Guy, Peter Frampton, G.E. Smith, Susan Tedechi, Los Lonely Boys, J. Geils, and many others. They remain completely independent of what might be referred to as the “traditional music business” road shows and record labels.

A funky, soulful, fun, talented band

This is going to be a great night at the Ganny with a funky, soulful, fun, talented band. One of our regulars couldn’t believe we were having them here . . . ran out to his car, grabbed one of their CD’s and popped it into our stereo—and it’s been there ever since!

The EGB (Evan Goodrow Band) is a high energy Neo-Soul Music Project, pumping Originals and the best of Old School Funk. As an independent artist, Evan has released ten records under his own record label. 

He is also a winner of the prestigious Boston Blues Award!

“He’s like a cross between Stevie Wonder and Dave Matthews” –Philadelphia Weekly

“Exceptional!” –B.B. King

Check out their website: www.evangoodrow.com

See you on Friday, December 6th!