Heiki Nirk Band — Sun., Apr. 21st, 1–4 p.m.

Heidi Nirk1–4 p.m.

Heidi Nirk Band (New!)

The Heidi Nirk Band is in the house to perform on Easter Sunday. Heidi and her fantastic new band has been nominated for the 2019 Motif Music Awards BEST BLUES BAND & BEST FEMALE AMERICANA SINGER.

 She describes herself the best! Someone asked me the other day “where have you been”? Hmmmm. Good question. What she meant was that suddenly, Heidi Nirk appeared like a flash of light out of nowhere. I had to laugh. It wasn’t, really, out of nowhere, I have been around before. There was no spontaneous manifestation it has just been a long time coming. What took me so long you might ask? Well, I was taking my time searching for a sound. My musician friends can relate to that statement I am sure. I was looking for something magical, so much so that I had my doubts about ever finding it truly. It took a lot of moving around, testing things out, new members would come, and they would leave. Then, one day… serendipitous the perfect combination appeared in the practice space… and something miraculous was born. The addition of illustrious legendary players such as Mark Taber (Tombstone Blues Band), Paul Tomasello (Roomful of Blues), and Rob Nelsen (he is EVERYWHERE… Loaded Dice, Robcats, etc.) alongside Jack Matthews (Stoval Brown, and countless others), and Rhode Island’s best kept secret, harmonica player, Richard “Lil’ Cousin” Calitri, the band is POWERFUL! Now add my unique sound to the band and we are a POWERHOUSE! All you got to do is come see us live… and you will feel the power too!  

Definitely look and listen on their site—a true unique sound with great musicians and they are having fun too!  Great combo! See you for Blues Bloodies & Brunch and some Easter fun!

Give this band a warm Ganny welcome when they come to perform on Easter Sunday.

Check out their website:  www.heidinirkband.com/video.html

See you on Easter Sunday, April 21st!