Neal McCarthy Problem— Sun., Sept. 15th, 4–7 p.m.

Neal McCarthy4–7 p.m.

Neal McCarthy Problem

The Neal McCarthy Problem is coming to the Café May 12th for a return performance. They are highly recommended by their peers in the music world. Neal McCarthy hails from Freetown, Mass.

The Neal McCarthy  Problem/Band is any group of musicians put together by Neal T. McCarthy to play music, including; blues, folk/country/americana, funk, country, extended jazzy jams etc. The band may be acoustic or electric depending on the event and/or situation. The music is a mix of original music and songs from our favorite artists; (B.Dylan, B.B.King, J. Hendrix, Blues Standards, G. Dead, E. Clapton, J. Cash, W. Nelson, etc.

Neal has been seen all over the East Coast and abroad. We were very fortunate to have him kick off our Thursday ‘Summer Series’ last year. The response was so positive that we had to invite him back!  Lucky Us!!

For those of you who remember a hot Sunday last August, you will recall some amazing blues, amazing vocals, a little blood, a couple of broken strings (P.S. with NO break in the song) and tons of folks saying ‘When can these guys come back’? Well, once again—Ask, and Ye Shall Receive —At the Ganny!

Check out the many youtube videos — This man is crazy on the guitar and has vocals that prove he can sing the blues. 

Here’s one from The House of Blues in Boston – called ‘Big Railroad Blues’

and West LA Fadeaway by The Grateful Dead

Check out their My Space page: Click Here

 See You On Sunday, September 15th!