Take It To The Bridge — Fri., Mar. 27th, 9pm–12:30am

Take it to the Bridge9pm–12:30am

Take It To The Bridge

“Take It To The Bridge” is a high-energy funk/rock cover band from Southern Rhode Island. This eight-piece group has all the right stuff to keep the night alive. From the classics (The Commodores, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder) to current hits (Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Gnarls Barkley), the lists of melodic reserves won’t be depleted in anything short of a live performance tour de force. “Take it to the Bridge” is a group that can play the standards as well as perform more off-the-radar hits. They will be your partner in entertainment crime.

Lead Guitar – Greg Marcotte; Vocals, Trombone – Christyn Marcotte; Lead Vocals – Colby Geaber; Vocals Keyboards – Carl Bugbee; Bass Guitar – Scott Roddick; Drum Kit – Rufus Brothers; Sax, Vocals – John Richards

Give “Take It To The Bridge” a warm welcome for yet another party time performance on Friday night at the Ganny.

Check out their website: http://takeittothebridgeband.com/

See You On Friday, March 27th!