The Smokin’ Toads — Sat., Feb. 15th, 9 p.m.–12:30 a.m.

 Smokin' Toads

The Smokin' Toads9 p.m.–12:30 a.m.

The Smokin’ Toads

 The Smokin’ Toads have been together as a band for 10 YEARS. Come early to find a place on the dance floor for this rockin’ fun filled night of great tunes, tons of energy, reminiscing, and looking forward to the next 10.  Go TOADS!

The Phoenix named this terrific band the WINNER of the BEST COVER BAND in RI. We were there to root them on, and we’re very happy to have them back at the Ganny!

The Smokin’ Toads are no strangers to the Narragansett Café for a very good reason—because they ROCK! Saturday, August 31st, we are proud to present one of RI’s best bands and a Ganny favorite for the past 8 years, The Smokin’ Toads.  

The Smokin’ Toads  are a talented and professional 4-piece rockin’ party band consisting of the following: Joe Flori on bass guitar and vocals, Dave Sisson on guitar and vocals, Russ (The Secret Weapon) Brissette on drums and vocals and Phil Pinault on guitar and guitar synthesizer. 

The Toads have an awesome sound and absolutely the best vocals and harmonies around these parts. Their versatile song list of classic and new rock is full of surprises that will keep you dancing from the first song to the last. (Definitely not your tired and overplayed song list.) 

Expect songs by these legendary artists: Journey, Bon Jovi, Queen, The Foo Fighters, The Guess Who, The Outfield, and The Eagles to name a few. Joe, Jim, and Russ cover an incredible range of vocals and harmonies. Phil’s guitar and guitar synthesizer work enables The Smokin’ Toads to cover songs that other 4-piece bands would not attempt, and they always nail it, just like the original recording.

The Smokin’ Toads will blow you away without blasting you out of the room. You won’t believe there’s only four of them. The place will be “Toadally” packed, so come early to get a seat and party with The Smokin’ Toads. You will be impressed.– Great voices, great musicians, great fun—Get Down!

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 See You on Saturday, February 15th!